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No Pain. No Tears.

No Pain. No Tears. is a free short story available to anyone who subscribes to updates from me.

The story is a post-apocalyptic adventure short story about a lone survivor. Afflicted by a mysterious parasite that quickly renders its victims inert, everyone she's ever known has died, she has survived because of her resistance to the disease, but knows it will end her eventually. Making one final journey across the UK to tick some items off her bucket list, she meets a fellow survivor and falls in love one last time.

It is inspired by Terry Pratchett's writings on death, his life, and his television work in the final years of his life, but it is also layered with my own experiences with death, and those I've watched get taken by the arm into the black desert under the endless night.

The story explores personal meaning, life, love and choosing when to die. It pitches its protagonist against pain, tears, and above all, indignity.

The story is not suitable for readers under 16 years old.

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