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Book 1 (of 3)


Released: 09.07.21

Dump your phone. Walk. Wear a hood.

And if you hear a drone. Hide.

The first in the Panacea Series, the story begins in Panacea >Build 1.0 where, during an arrest over electricity curfew violations, former party animal Taiye's life is over when she uses violence to prevent an act of police brutality.

Felicity, a rich girl with rebellious ambitions; Russ, a hapless boy with robotic enhancement to his body; Persephone, a ground-breaking artificial intelligence; and Alex, a hotheaded girl who just wants the whole fucking world to burn all join in to help Taiye escape London to the free-land of Scotland.

Together they all have a role to play in the introduction of The Panacea - a cure for all injury and disease - to the world.

Panacea >Build 1.0 is a genre-spanning cyberpunk fugitive thriller novel set 20 years into the future in a stagnant and decayed London, and follows a group of 16 and 17 year-olds as they’re dragged into the heart of the country’s politics. Character-focused, frantic, and with a hefty emotional heart, this debut novel by author Charli Drever is full of humour and personal triumph, but also tragedy and fury.

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